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Estate Planning Information

Estate planning encompasses the growth, conservation, and transfer of an individual’s wealth through the creation and maintenance of an “estate plan.”  The purpose of estate planning is to develop a strategy that will maintain the financial security of individuals through their lifetime and facilitate the intended transfer of their property and assets at death, while taking into consideration the unique circumstances of the family and the potential costs of different methods.

All too often, we hear:

  • "I'm too young to do estate planning."
  • "All my property is titled in joint tenancy with my spouse so I don't need a will."
  • "Estate planning is only for the super-rich."
  • "Estate planning is too complicated and expensive."
  • "Doesn't the government provide for that?"
  • "We did our wills right after we got married 30 years ago and see no need for further planning."

If you seek advice and guidance with regard to your estate planning needs, please view our website and search for a the type of member that meets your needs.  As an alternative, you can search for an Accredited Estate Planner® (AEP®) or Estate Planning Law Specialist (EPLS) designation holder in your area on the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils website.

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